In 1976, I started my journey towards becoming a musician. Growing up on tour buses, I have spent my entire life pursuing the dream of becoming a successful artist. Touring Canada, the West and East Coasts, as well as a few years performing in Europe, I have developed a unique perspective on what it realistically requires to achieve success in the music business. Success can resemble something different for everyone. Depending on your dreams and specific goals…Starting a band? Performing at local coffee shops? Touring? Looking for management? Music placement and/or licensing in television and movies? You may just want to write a song for your significant other? Either way, between myself and my team, I believe we have the experience and in-depth understanding of the music industry to guide you towards your specific goals. As an artist, radio show host and independent record label owner…I have the experience that will allow me to listen to your needs and develop a program that will cater to your specific dreams… YOU HEAR WHAT YOU SEE… let me help you un-lock your true potential!I am text block. Click edit button to change this text.

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